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EDWIN VAN DER HOEVEN – spiritualist medium

Welcome to my spiritual journey

Hi! You found this website because you probably have an interest in subjects as meditationsensitivity, mediumship and/or self-realization. That’s great! On this website I share loads of information on these subjects and you can also find more about training, lectures and courses I give.

My name is Edwin van der Hoeven and this website is about what I love doing:

I want to help people express who they really are, knowing, they can do anything they are truly passionate about.

Practice what you preach! Absolutely, my experience has taught me:

  • Meditation helps me to be mindful and more aware
  • Understanding what I feel, loving who I truly am
  • A spirit, one with All and realizing
  • We all have the power to create the life of our dreams


A fresh start.. a new beginning

December 28th, 2015|0 Comments

What is needed, is a fresh start, a new beginning; for mankind has lost the word. Mankind has lost the power and love to bring forth the message that unites man as one. Clouded with doubt, fear and uncertainty is the mind of man… clogged with dogma and trauma. A fresh start is needed, in the mind of man, to enter a new time where love is the only truth [...]

The rise of the sun

August 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

There is a time in everyone’s life that the rise of the sun will happen. It doesn’t matter how many lives or to what extent you will have to go through it. Rest assured you will reach a point that the moon will be overshadowed and all fears will vanish for the inner sun to take its place in your soul. Nothing will benefit this process more than just allowing [...]

The contradictions of life

July 16th, 2015|0 Comments

There is a direct pathway to God and that’s through the acceptance of contradiction. Most seekers for spiritual truth focus on the positive aspects of life and call it love. But love is all; love is a total surrendering to the moment, no matter the circumstances and conditions. Whether we call it God, love or the all-compassing Presence; there is no discrimination of what is and what is expressed and/or [...]

Real stars shine in darkness, not in spotlights

July 3rd, 2015|0 Comments

When I was a teenager I wanted to be famous, playing guitar in a band, touring the world and all the other fun stuff that comes with it. My bedroom was full of posters from my hero’s, most of them guitarists with long hair. Growing older things changed, my hair got thinner and I learned a valuable lesson from George Harrison saying: I never wanted to be famous, I wanted [...]

I’m grateful towards Edwin for giving this lecture and those attending. This night was very special. Never before have i experienced so much energy and gotten so much insights, never ever. A new door has opened for me. I experienced personally there is more between heaven and earth.
Annelies van Heijst, Dhargey


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I guide students from all over the world teaching them how to meditate and deepen their understanding of their individual spirituality.

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Struggling with a heightened awareness and sensitivity? Feel like losing control?
People with a higher than average sensitivity can sometimes struggle with even the most basic things in life.

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Spirit communication and the healing power of love. Be touched by spirit!
Mediumship is not a belief, it’s to reconnect two worlds. My aim is to proof to you that your loved ones are still there and willing to help you.

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Self realization

Enlightenment? Awakening? Jung said: the only way to be holy, is being whole!
Self realization is about self; YOU have to do it. But how do you know if you are on the right track?

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“Edwin is a great medium, in a private reading and in attending his spiritual circle he – in collaboration with the spirit world – uncovered what was hiding under the surface. His pure and loving healing energy and guidance gave me the chance to transform and integrate my fears and insecurities. Edwin is an honest, intriguing and authentic man. He gives his mediumship with great love, purity and passion.”
Mary Dame